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Your Accident Reconstruction Experts

Bloomberg Consulting is a forensics firm specializing in vehicle accident reconstruction, biomechanical analysis, motor carrier compliance, and the extraction and analysis of digital data from heavy trucks, passenger vehicles, GPS, and other electronic devices.  We offer rapid response services and can deploy our accident reconstruction experts and trucking experts within hours of an accident to skillfully preserve the evidence from accident scenes and vehicles that will be needed as the case progresses.


Attorneys, Trucking Fleets, & Insurance Claims Specialists

When you call us, something bad has happened and you need answers. Whether you are an attorney, a trucking fleet, or an insurance claims specialist, we know that you are handling numerous other issues in this case and many other cases. Our job is to handle your accident reconstruction, biomechanical analysis, and safety needs. Whether you need rapid response services or a comprehensive records review, our team is ready to support you.

Rapid Response Inspections

A rapid response ensures the accurate preservation of the roadway and vehicle evidence that will be critical to your case.

Accident Reconstruction

Once accident scenes and vehicles have been properly documented by our accident reconstruction experts, the police, or another entity, Bloomberg Consulting specializes in accurately reconstructing vehicle accidents to determine how they occurred.

Event Data Recorders (EDRs)

Accessing Event Data Recorder (EDR) data from the involved vehicles can be crucial when investigating an accident and performing a comprehensive accident reconstruction.


Motor Carrier Compliance

Our staff has expertise in DOT compliance, fleet safety compliance, fire origination, and other ancillary issues. Regardless of the complexity of the accident, Bloomberg Consulting possesses the skill, experience, and equipment necessary to precisely document, preserve, and analyze the condition of the vehicles.

Biomechanics & Injury Causation

Our biomechanics experts perform analyses associated with vehicle accidents, product liability cases, and slip and fall cases to determine if the injuries are consistent with the event in question.

Digital Forensics

Digital data is fast becoming a key piece of information in many investigations and Bloomberg Consulting has the expertise and equipment to access and analyze such data.

Contact our Rapid Response Team 24/7/365 Nationwide


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