Digital Forensics

Digital devices have become integral parts of our lives, dramatically increasing our connectivity, productivity, and quality of life. They enable us to work, play, learn, communicate, and so much more. These devices provide vast amounts of information to us wherever we are. They also store vast amounts of information.

Data from digital devices in vehicles can be used to uncover critical information during an accident investigation and help determine many factors like vehicle events, location data, and connected electronic devices.

Vehicle Infotainment Systems, tablet-like touch screen pads in higher-end vehicles, are designed to inform and entertain vehicle occupants. They can connect advanced driver assist systems, smartphones, and telematics devices in a single point of use. These systems can provide occupants with insights on speed, navigation, climate, and multimedia options. They also store this data related to what was going on inside, and sometimes outside, the vehicle at any given time. This data can help in accident reconstructions by determining speed, direction, location, and providing data on the use of other devices/systems during the time of an accident.

Bloomberg Consulting is one of the few accident reconstruction companies in the country with the training and experience in digital forensics that is required to download the digital data from devices like vehicle infotainment systems, GPS devices, dash cameras, security cameras, in addition to ECM’s and EDR’s on commercial and passenger vehicles.

Digital Forensics
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Bloomberg Consulting uses the digital data from vehicles as one piece of the accident reconstruction puzzle.  Call us today for more information about these services or to set up a download.